The Platform


Your candidate knows that the Tredyffrin-Easttown (TE) School District is a world class district.  Tredyffrin residents know that excellence never sleeps and we can not rest on our laurels.  Even a great district needs to be challenged.  

Ed has taken the lead on Financial reform in TE and in trying to adopt good ideas from the outside.  He is making sure that, both at a high level and in individual cases, the Administration does not have "blind spots:"

  1. Ed has fought to restore public confidence in the integrity of the Financial process after the failure to report in a timely fashion to the Board the late payment of 1.2 million dollars of invoices.  Ed is an attorney who has made the major motions at Board meetings which address issues of financial reform. Ed has worked with prominent financial observers of TE finances to come up with a comprehensive program to Restore Fiscal Transparency.
  2.  Ed has earned community and individual praise through his public service for listening and acting on just complaints, whether it be for groups like Everybody Reads TE or for complaints that a rugby player is not being accommodated in his quest to play a club sport that he has been involved in since elementary school.  He pushed hard for our security to be tightened through new and cutting edge policies that addressed threatening use of social media in the schools.
  3. Ed has called for challenging annual and long term goals for TESD so that our children's future can be safeguarded and improved.  He endorses the forward-looking plan of the Administration known as "Focused Lines of Inquiry"  which  create an opportunity for students to explore interdisciplinary connections in a concentrated way (analogous to a "minor" in College)


  • Your candidate was the only person who opposed the 6% proposed tax increase from last school year from its inception based and fought to keep the rate lower than the ultimate result, 3.91%.


  • Ed has always indicated where he would cut to justify his grounds for a lower tax rate.

  • Ed tries to get the best deal possible for taxpayers consistent with District needs, and where the tax is too high, votes against a budget. 

  • Ed voted against the school start time changes related to the Sleep Time initiative because of two reasons.  First, he wanted the large projected $600,000 spend to be offset with reciprocal cuts to avoid our trend of deficit spending.  Second, he felt it was being rushed and there was not sufficient planning to do it this year.  Ed feels that changing the times was conceptually a good idea and supports the science but we need to work on the end result more thoroughly and not deficit-spend to enact the initiative

  • Ed has attended most subcommittee meetings even if he does not served on them. 

  • Ed has strongly supported the much need expansion to Conestoga High School which  was necessary due to the explosion in our student population.  This expansion will give the high school more of a college or junior college "feel."

  • He has promoted a gradual plan to bring air conditioning to the schools.  

  • He opposed a million dollar parking lot expansion at Hillside Elementary School. We simply had better priorities, like air conditioning.  (Hillside was the first elementary school to get air conditioning and as it not only has a second floor, but many of our special needs students, this was the right call).

  • Ed helped cut hundreds of thousands of dollars out of an security camera project that was not right-sized for this school district brought to us by a vendor who did the University of Pennsylvania's security.

  • Ed is the TE Board's appointee to a second school Board, the state renown Chester County Intermediate Unit, which is responsible for the whole County's vocational training and the education of many Special Needs children and services many districts throughout Pennsylvania because of its excellent leadership.  Ed was involved with the crucial vote to name a new leader for the CCIU.  Ed voted for budgets that were fiscally prudent and lived within the Act 1 thresh hold


 Your candidate is a firm believer in quality education.  He graduated from  the University of Chicago Law School, attended La Salle University on a full scholarship where he graduated with highest honors, and went to St. Joe's Prep.  Athletics has always been part of his school life and he is a firm believer in promoting outside interest for school children because of his own experience.

In his professional life, Ed is a Plaintiff's attorney and owner of his own law firm, Wusinich & Sweeney, LLC, where he seeks justice for wronged individuals in our community against big insurance companies and bad employers.  Ed believes in helping people and righting wrongs.  He believes a TE needs to administer the district with high professional and financial standards.  

Your candidate has been part of this community for many years as a volunteer, working tirelessly to make it a better place.   He is a co-founder of the Chester County Red Mass (a service for lawyers) and the St. Isaac Jogues Blue Mass (a service for First Responders) and has served in leadership positions in both.  He has been active as a Eucharistic minister, a parish council member, a lector, a sunday school teacher, and as an usher. He has served on the Tredyffrin Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board.  He has been the Solicitor for several County row offices. 

Twenty-five years of volunteer community, church and government service has taught your candidate to act carefully and prudently as well as to listen carefully for good ideas from all individuals and stakeholders who come before the TE School Board.  School Board is a difficult, important and necessary service.  Ed is making a real difference.  That's why Ed is running re-election. Ed feels he is making a real difference  It's all about keeping Tredyffrin affordable, making the schools even better and acting on good ideas and just complaints.  

Help him help individuals and the community!!!